The new RXP 215 Sea-Doo is by far the meanest production personal watercraft the world has ever seen! It’s got power! Lots of power! But is it enough? Can it be even better? At R&D Performance, getting more power and better handling is what WE-DOO BEST! Bolt on the new RXP 215 Pro Series Aquavein Intake Grate and put that 215 horsepower to work! R&D’s exclusive dual patented technology that’s incorporated into the revolutionary Aquavein will tame the RXP 215 beast! Blow through low and high-speed turns with confidence and chew up rough water conditions with new found top speed averages. Quicker acceleration and straight-line stability are also increased. The RXP Aquavein Grate also has two pilot holes predrilled on the inside of the rear mounting flange, making the installation of the optional RXP Aquavein Girdle Kit a simple and easy task! The new RXP 215 Sea-Doo equipped with an R&D Aquavein cracks the glass on the fun meter!