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Our easy to install catch can/engine breather kit eliminates power-robbing crankcase fumes and oil vapor from entering your Sea-Doo engine’s air intake. Increases horsepower by removing the engine’s requirement to burn relatively non-combustible oil. Also improves intercooler efficiency by preventing oil sludge coating that lowers thermal efficiency. Excess oil vapor is routed to our translucent catch can where it condenses and collects for occasional draining via integrated petcock valve. Features anti-slosh tank foam to control oil movement. Kit includes breather filter and aluminum mounting bracket along with all necessary hardware & installation instructions.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates power-robbing oil vapor from intake.
  • Improves Intercooler efficiency.
  • Translucent material allows inspection of oil level.
  • Integrated petcock valve for draining oil.
  • Anti-slosh tank foam to control oil movement.

Use & Maintenance:

  • Engine oil level should be at or just below half-way mark on dipstick.
  • Follow proper engine oil level inspection procedure outlined in owner’s manual.
  • Check and drain Catch Can as needed.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean Catch Can (acetone, carb cleaner, brake cleaner, etc).

NOTE: Fits Sea-Doo 325HP PWC engines.