Brisk Multi-Spark Spark Plugs are designed to deliver 3 simultaneous sparks without any modifications to your ignition system. This unique patented design is beneficial for high performance and racing applications, and everyone who is seeking more full and complete combustion cycle as there is no shrouding of the sparks.
By having the Multiple Sparks unshrouded, the multi-spark spark plugs have direct access to the fuel / air mixture which produces a more spontaneous and rapid flame propagation. This improves engine efficiency as there are less imperfectly ignited cycles (reduction in emissions from unburnt fuels/air) which is beneficial for racing and performance as well as a producing an economically friendly product. See our video demonstration for a real life view of how this product works.

Brisk Premium Multi-spark plugs are an entirely new and patented type of high performance spark plug. The spark plug name describes exactly what the spark plug is all about: multiple sparks. The spark plug have no traditional so called “J-gap” ground electrode, instead, there are two auxilary ring shape electrodes bonded to the surface of the ceramic insulator. Since the ring shape electrodes are conductive, they split one very large gap into 3 smaller gaps for the sparks to occur. Since the Multi-spark plug 3 gaps are in series, the spark has to jump three times in order to get from the center electrode to the ground (the spark plug shell), as this is the path of the least resistance.

This means that if your vehicle is equipped with a multi-spark ignition system such as Accel, Crane, Mallory or MSD, you will have 3 times as many sparks on the tip of the sprak plug than your ignition system generate. For example with MSD multi-spark ignition system you will get 9 sparks per every single primary ignition pulse until abut 3,000 RPM when the multi-spark ignition system switch into a single spark mode. But even than you will still get 3 sparks with the Brisk Premium Multi-spark plug, just as you will with a standard OE (original equipment) ignition system in ordinary cars, motorcycles and such.

Note: Solid tip plug. For use with Sea-Doo 300 Models