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The R&D FX-140/Cruiser ride plate has been in the development stages for 2 years, and for you FX-140 owners anxiously awaiting this part, we guarantee you will be thrilled! Smoother and tighter cornering coupled with significantly improved straight-line stability will be noticed immediately! Our development team strived to create a ride plate design that eliminates the slight but annoying high-speed “bow search” that is noticed in the FX-140 OEM ride plate that occurs when riding at wide open throttle, and is more noticeable with ½ to full fuel loads! With the new R&D plate the “bow search” is eliminated, regardless of what the fuel load is. Additionally, the new R&D FX-140/Cruiser ride plate delivers between a .50 and 1 mph speed increase as verified with a stalker pro series radar gun.

Try the new R&D FX-140/Cruiser ride plate along with R&D’s new FX-140/Cruiser adjustable sponson kit, and have the ultimate handling package!

Mike Follmer, 2002 Off-Shore National Champion a Yamaha FX-140 owner says, “This kit makes my FX-140 feel more like my GP 1300R’s handling! It turns tighter and it’s much more stable at top speed!”

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