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The R&D Yamaha SHO Aquavein Intake Grate Kit has been designed and developed to deliver the ultimate handling and top speed performance in recreational, offshore, and closed course race conditions. The R&D SHO Aquavein has been extensively offshore, race track, 1 and 2 up recreational tested to offer reduced cavitation and maximum pump hook up in any condition. The R&D SHO Aquavein will deliver noticeably quicker acceleration, higher top speed performance and a much smoother and more predictable ride over the OEM intake grate in rough water conditions. Low speed and high speed turns are a breeze with new found control. The secret to the R&D Aquavein’s performance is in its patented, award winning, and championship winning wing design. The proven R&D top loader Aquavein wing concept has been used exclusively by Factory Kawasaki and Yamaha racing teams to win every Pro 1200 and Open World Championship for a full decade! Bolt on an R&D SHO Aquavein top loader intake grate and experience why R&D is the top selling intake system worldwide.