R&D Racing Aquavein Top Loading Scoop Grate Seadoo RXP-X RXT-X 300



The new Sea-Doo 300X watercraft is one of the meanest production personal watercraft the world has ever seen. The new Sea-Doo 300X has great power and has a unique and well received inside lean handling nature. BUT, looking for even better handling? At R&D Performance, getting more power and better handling is what WE-DOO BEST! Bolt on the new RXP 300X Pro Series Aquavein Intake Grate and put that horsepower to work! R&D’s exclusive dual patented intake grade technology that’s incorporated into the revolutionary Aquavein will enhance the 300X to greatness. Blow through low and high-speed turns with confidence and chew up rough water conditions with new found top speed gains in rough water conditions. Quicker acceleration and straight-line stability are also maximized. The new 300X Sea-Doo, equipped with an R&D Aquavein cracks the glass on the fun meter!