The R&D Kawasaki Ultra 310X Ride Plate has been developed using our dominant and championship winning Kawasaki ride plate design concepts with a few new speed tricks added. The R&D Ultra 310X ride plate is re-angled over stock along with the addition of the new R&D progressive multi step concept to add top speed improvements. R&D’s Ride Plate concepts and designs are the only aftermarket designs to dominate in Offshore, National, and World Championships, and to be used and endorsed by Factory Yamaha and Kawasaki racing teams for nearly two decades! The new Ultra 310X ride plate from R&D is “The Perfect Ride plate” with a great balance of speed and handling with no compromises! The O.E.M. Speedometer installs easily into the new R&D 300X plate, and allows a full 2 mph speed improvement with no other parts or modifications. Install the R&D AQUAVEIN along with the R&D 300X Ride Plate and R&D Speed-up Control Module and achieve up to 6 MPH speed gain! No other ride plate offers better speed and handling gains.
• 2 MPH top speed improvement gains
• Race proven designs for over a decade
• Unique industry first multi-step concept
• Improved straight line stability
• Significantly improved cornering
• Reduced chine walking on high speed sweepers
• Drives through chop with superior stability
• Retains reverse gate mounting and operation